Type of Espresso Machines

hot cup of espressoThere is a wide variety of espresso machines available at the market today. For every budget and every unique requirement, you will always find a pretty good range of machines to choose from. In order to know what machine you should buy, you need to know the pros and cons of each category of espresso machine.

There are two main categories of espresso machines- steam driven espresso machines and pump driven espresso machines. In case of the steam driven machines, the espresso is made with the steam pressure from the boiling water. In the pump driven machines, there is a small internal pump that puts pressure on the water as it is passing through the ground coffee. In case of steam driven machines, you need to let the machine cool out completely in between brews. But in case of pump driven machines, the machine does not get that hot and hence you need not wait between two successive brews for the machine to cool down. Besides no crema(the creamy sweet layer on top of espresso) is formed on the espresso while brewing in a steam driven machine generally. Cream is only formed on top of espresso brewed in a pump driven machine. For all its benefits though, pump driven machines are more expensive, compared to their steam driven brothers.

Semi automatic espresso makerThere are three sub categories in the pump driven machines- semi automatic espresso machine, automatic espresso machine and super automatic espresso machine. A semi automatic espresso machine is the perfect to use for home purposes for the average coffee drinker. In this machine the user has to switch on the pump manually which leads the water under pressure through the ground coffee. They are moderately priced, compared to an automatic or super automatic machine. They require some labor to operate the pump and control the volume of espresso. The rest is done mostly by the machine. Also, most semi automatic espresso machines do not come with a grinder. So you need to invest in a good coffee grinder before buying a semi automatic espresso machine.

An automatic espresso machine does everything for you- it grinds with an inbuilt grinder, doses the coffee, tamps and brews it and then throws off the coffee muck. They are more expensive than the semi automatic machines.

super automatic espresso makerAnd then there are the super automatic machines which are like coffee making robots. You press a button and they do everything for you. Moreover, they have additional features, which vary from machine to machine, for the ultimate brewing experience. Most super-automatic machines also have auto-descaling system. Hence maintaining them is cheaper. These machines are the most expensive of the espresso machines.

Apart from all these, there are the vintage beauties- the manual espresso machines that look oh-so-classy. But go for these machines only, if you have the patience to learn. These machines can make some of the best coffees, and yet some of the worst coffees. It all depends on you.

And lastly, there is the pod espresso machine. The coffee in these machines comes from per-packed coffee pods that you can buy from any good coffee shop plus lot of places online. These machines are easy to use and clean too, since there is no coffee muck to clean up after brewing.

It is advisable that you always choose machines suit you, your budget and your lifestyle the most. See the list of best espresso machines to find one that’s perfect for you. If you can afford to spend some extra money but want consistently good coffee with very little manual labor, then get a super automatic machine. It will save you the cost of the grinder too. But if your budget is a bit low, or you are gifting it to someone, and want a good quality durable machine, you might want to think about the semi automatic ones. So choose one wisely and indulge in caffeine binging!

Top 6 juices and juicers from Ken Lay Information blog

So, the morning starts and the day brings lots of hopes, new opportunities and new energy to just gear up for all the hours yet to come. But OH..!! one look at the summer sky and one thought of scorching heat and you losing all that energy and freshness brings ALL THAT SPIRIT DOWN…!!
Well…Well… Well..!! Now you don’t have to worry over the sun stealing away the energy and that fiery spirit of summers as we at Ken Lay Information blog have all the very best collection of the most tongue tingling flavors of Juices and Smoothies to make you SUMMER READY, Body and Soul..!! We will also recommend you top juicer brands and models.

Summers can be harsh with all the heat and sweat and that constant urge from every inch of your skin exposed to the sunlight to just rush to an air – conditioned space and avoid any movement till the sun goes down. And you have to be ready with all the essential nutrients as well as keep your body hydrated to enjoy this season in every way possible. So, here we are with Top 6 Summertime Sips to make your summers easy on your body and tasty on your taste buds.All you need is juicer or blender to get started.

Orange Pineapple Lush:

JuicerThis juice can be enjoyed by all the citrus savvy people and can be had at any time of the day. You have to juice down oranges and pineapple in equal quantity or as per your taste and add some drops of lime juice and ginger juice to add some flavor to it. You can also add some leaves of green leaf lettuce or romaine. If you want to add some more taste to your drink you can add salt or a tablespoon of honey. Yo can use a citrus juicer or a general purpose juicer to make Orange pineapple Lush.If you don’t have a juicer you can read juicer reviews at best juicer website .

Garnishing Tip: Pour down the juice in a goblet and sprinkle some ground ginger or turmeric on it. Add a mint leaf and your day starter is ready with all the goodness of Vitamin C.

Apple Strawberry Juice:

Next we have a highly healthy and a juice with much recommended and well known health booster Apple – Apple Strawberry Juice. Juice up 6 – 7 strawberries with an apple and some 5 – 7 leaves of kale. You can also add 2 – 3 celery stalks to add more green nutrients to it. Salt and Ginger can be used to add more taste and you have all the goodness of Iron and Health of Apples in your glassful of juice.

Garnishing Tip: Place 2 – 3 fine slices of strawberry on the top of juice, add some finely chopped mint leaves and sprinkle Black Salt to make it a visual delicacy too.

Mix Fruit Crush:

Now there is a drink for all the fruit lovers to chill of all the heated body cells and REALLY Hydrate them after a long summer day. Take a cup of almond milk; add a frozen banana, 1 cup of frozen Blueberries and half a cup of frozen strawberries to it. Add some spinach leaves and 2 tablespoons of grounded flax seeds and juice them up. For those who have a sweet tooth, the addition off 1 medjool date can also be done. Blend all the ingredients until you have a smooth mix fruit crush to fill your glass and body with ultimate blend of nutrients.

Garnishing Tip: Garnish your glass with finely chopped almonds and fine slices of banana and strawberry.

Yellow Delight:

Next we have another delicious and healthy juice with the lip smacking flavors of Pineapple and Yellow capsicum. You will require half a pineapple and 1 yellow capsicum (pepper) to which you can add some lemon juice and ginger to add to its taste. This will not only offer a yummy drink to start your day with but will also supply necessary nutrients and Vitamin C to your body.

Garnishing Tip: Fill your Martini Glass with Yellow Delight and sprinkle it with chopped kale leaves or mint.

Kiwi Slush:

How can be list of the best and most refreshing drinks be complete without this delicious fruit and excellent source of water and vitamins?? So, just juice down 2 kiwis, a cucumber, 2 celery stalks and an apple to have your fresh Kiwi Slush. To add some more taste you can add some lime drops. Kiwi is an excellent source of water and Vitamins and thus proffers good protection against the summer heat.

Garnishing Tip: Fill your flute with the Kiwi Slush and add top it with finely slices strawberries or cucumbers.

Green Goody:

So, last but not the least a drink that is armed with all the essential nutrients, minerals and lots of iron to make your body summer ready – Green Goody. Take 6 – 7 leaves of Kale, 4 – 5 leaves of lettuce, a cucumber, 2 – 3 celery stalks, a frozen banana, 2 apples and 2 cups of water. Juice them all together and pour down in your juice mug and you have the green juice which has taste, nutrition, health and above all GOOD water content to enrich and rejuvenate your senses and taste buds.

So, with all the 6 delicious juices and their recipes explained, what are you waiting for?? Go grab your fruits, mix them up and get your body ready to enjoy the season we call SUMMER. Keep visiting Ken Lay Blog.